Bourne Abbey Church

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Abbey and Parish Church of Ss Peter and Paul, Bourne, held its postponed Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on Thursday, October 29, 2020

This meeting, which was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic from Sunday, March 29, was held in the Abbey Church at 7pm on Thursday, October 29.


The Vicar of Bourne, Fr Chris Atkinson, welcomed all those who attended the meeting. Those attending wore masks, were socially distanced and complied with the NHS Track and Trace system.


The meeting opened with the Vestry meeting, which elected Merryn Woodland as churchwarden. Dudley Guppy who had served as churchwarden with Merryn for a decade had resigned from this position. Fr Chris paid tribute to Mr Guppy's work as churchwarden, verger, carrying out repairs and behind the scenes at the church for many years.


The APCM confirmed the minutes of the 2019 APCM as a true record of the meeting.


Acting electoral roll officer Jonathan Smith reported on the revised electoral roll,  



which was accepted by those present.


Church treasurer Alan Payne then reported on the  2019 PCC annual accounts, which had been independently examined by Peter Berry & Co. The accounts showed a deficit of £7,626 in the General Account, with total income down 11 per cent and total expenditure down one per cent. The main items highlighted in the reduced income were total voluntary income down £3,748 (4.8%); Fund raising was down £1,980 (although the social committee had contributed £4,000) and nett fees were down 43 per cent. Mr Payne was thanked for his work as treasurer and the accounts were accepted by the meeting.


A booklet containing reports had been distributed prior to the meeting. This contained the Vicar's Report (covering the activities of the PCC and parish in general); Churchwardens' report; Deanery Synod report; and reports from church organisations. To read the report booklet click HERE.


Elections for the following:

Parochial representatives of the laity to the Deanery Synod: ELECTED - Elizabeth Page and Jennifer Maclean

PCC members (to replace the three members who have completed their triennium): ELECTED - Celia Howes, Jonathan Pugh and Marilyn Roberts.


Peter Berry and Co were appointed as independent examiner of the accounts


Reader Derek Page was affirmed as a member of the PCC

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