Bourne Abbey Church

Many changes to our lifestyle



It would have been very good to give you news of the  opening up of the Church but we shall have to wait a while yet.


When Rev’d Sheena was with us I can remember a sermon that she preached in which she talked about the Sanctuary Light as a symbol of Christ in the world.


She went on to say that sometimes when things were difficult we felt that we could not see the Light.


It was important to remember that the Light was always shining it was just that we happened to be standing behind the pillar!


The Church doors may have been shut but that Light has continued to shine, minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day.


It has also shone in our community in the many acts of kindness and service that have been performed by friends and strangers.


We hope that we shall be together soon but until then…..stay safe.


Merryn (on behalf of Dudley)

PCC - Churchwarden Merryn Woodland Churchwarden Dudley Guppy