Bourne Abbey Church

Not everyone prays the same way. Prayer can involve words – but not necessarily. Prayer can be intercessory – praying on behalf of others; biddings – sort of like bullet points directing what we are to pray about; intention – giving a specific focus to the worship. Indeed, the style of praying is often dictated by our own inclination, psychology, or style .  


Prayer & Healing


Faith Journeys

Explore the journey's of faith from some of Bourne Abbey's congregation

Our journey with God is unique to each person, a relationship that is built upon over many years. We do not always 'get it right' and sometimes our path moves away from God for a while, but we know that he is always with us.

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"I was brought up with faith, but not necessarily an organised religion. "

"My journey to find God was full of turmoil."

"My relationship with God evolved by being a part of a family involved with "church"."

Exploring Faith

Learn more about the Sacraments of the church and how they continue to play a central role in the life of the church here at Bourne Abbey. 


The Sacraments

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